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Relaxi Taxi!

Fight against your nerves when you need it most. Get completely relaxed and re-charged during your study-and exams-period (Blok). Covid19-safe.

During school year 2017-2018, Relaxi Taxi has been giving relax and therapeutical massages to dozens of national and international students, during their bi-annual study and exam periods. This was organised by LOKO, the overarching student organisation in Leuven, uniting all the existing student orgs.

No need to tell you how these massages helped students who were partially or completely – physically or mentally- blocked because of the study and exam stress (and the incorrect study positions of the students as well).

Relaxi Taxi received several positive reviews from the students who were very enthusiastic about the delivered service. Other nice things to hear were the positive feedbacks on the therapeutical part (massaging away certain ‘trigger point’ – pain blocks for example) and on the hints Relaxi Taxi provides (regarding gesture and good positioning during studying).

Unfortunately, LOKO did not organise this service in 2019 or 2020 anymore, as they look for alternative ways each year again to reach the regional and national news. Something Relaxi Taxi of course understands. So in January 2019 Relaxi Taxi organised the service on our own, with huge success: again dozens of students enjoyed the benefits of a therapeutical or relaxing massage.

Relaxi Taxi continued to experience a big need and many requests from students to take advantage of this cheap massage service, and as Relaxi Taxi also believes in the positive effects of massages on mind and body, these massages are now offered to you – only students in Leuven- without the support of LOKO. This means Relaxi Taxi has to cover a small fee, just covering costs of transport, parking fee and material (massage oil, laundry, infra-red lamp, …) of 10€ per massage of 60minutes or 15€ for the full 1,5 hour of ‘wellness’ for your body and mind.

Which massage service is being offered?

Firstly, Relaxi Taxi will come to your place and a mobile massage table will be installed, together with an infra-red lamp (providing relaxation through warming up of the muscles) and relaxing music via wireless speakers. Then, you will receive a massage of your back (including shoulders), your legs and feet, your arms and hands, your face and head (including neck). Intimate/erogenous zones will NEVER be uncovered or touched. Your body will always be covered with big towels. Massages will be performed with warm almond and jojoba oil + other natural extracts. The massage will last for at least 1 full hour or 1,5 hour depending your reservation.

What is the price?

Ten euro (yes, only 10€) per 60 minutes or 15€ for the full 1,5 hour of relaxing or therapeutical massage, @ your place. It is full massaging time, the setting up of material not included.

What do I need to provide? What about Covid-19?

A (preferably quiet) room with full privacy, a space of at least 2.5 x 2 meters and if possible between 22 and 25 degrees. The massage table is disinfected, the head rest has a dispensable cover, the towels are only used once per person, the massage therapist wears a face mask all time, you wear it when your face is lying upwards, hands have been disinfected just prior to the massage. Please inform Relaxi Taxi in case of any unhealthy feeling, prior to the massage.

How do I book?

Support our massage services by first visiting and liking the Relaxi Taxi Facebook page , we would very much appreciate this.

Then on the Facebook page you can book the ‘Student massage’ choosing 60 minutes or 90 minutes duration (via Services/Diensten and Book now), or you can click on the following link: the booking link of our Facebook-page.

What happens next?

Relaxi Taxi will receive your reservation and contact you to confirm this. You will have to provide your full name, address, phone number and email address. This is needed for the GDPR (Global privacy legislation). Only at that moment your reservation is completed.


What if I did not receive a confirmation message from Relaxi Taxi?

You will have to wait for it to arrive (can take up to several hours, depending on the moment how busy it is).

If you haven’t received any further information within 2 hours or about 30 minutes prior to your preferred reservation time, just send a WhatsApp or SMS/text message to +32 468 48 68 26. You will be very soon contacted.

Can I make a reservation for myself and a friend of mine, at the same student house or place?

Yes, you definitely can do that, also for 3 students (max) at the same address. Please clearly mention it when you are in contact via the Relaxi Taxi Facebook page, as these massages need to be entered in the calendar so these timings will be blocked. You will have to provide all contact details of those other person(s) as well. (Important for the GDPR Privacy legislation)

What in case I can’t find any free massage reservation block anymore for today?

Just send a WhatsApp or SMS/text message to +32 468 48 68 26 or Facebook message providing at least 1 possible moment (date + time) together with your email address and your name. I will contact you asap.

For some important or urgent reason I need to cancel the appointment. What do I do?

Please send as soon as you can a text message or WhatsApp with your name and email address to Relaxi Taxi’s mobile phone +32 468 486826. This way, other students will be given the opportunity to enjoy a nice massage for a cheap price.

This is completely new for me, I am still doubting whether I should book a massage…

We understand a massage is an experience where someone unknown to you – a professional massage therapist- comes nearby your personal inner zone. To show you we handle the highest norms regarding respect and comfort of ease of each and every client, please read our dozens of reviews on our Google page or our Facebook page. We still have only 5 stars reviews, including reviews from many students.